What we do

We are a full-service agency specialising in talent management, social media marketing and PR & Communications consulting.

Talent Management

With our “Magic Connection”, we place you in the right (TV) formats, accompany you on the red carpet, coordinate your appointments and advise you on contract issues.

Working with us means communicating and acting together, as equals, in a way that’s based on mutual trust.

Join our team and we’ll show you what it means to be part of the “Magic Connection”! 

We offer traditional artist management as a full-service agency. As your exclusive management partner, we provide comprehensive and all-round support and are at your side for all artistic and business matters. 

Working closely with you, we take care of all contact with your partners, communication, contract negotiations and preparation, and all of the organisation that goes with this, and we carry out an evaluation of the partnership.

With you, we develop a strategy to build your successful career.

We proactively approach brands and potential partners for you so that you can grow, and we grow with you. 

We have an exceptional network thanks to our many years of experience in the entertainment business and can offer you the perfect conditions to successfully market yourself, your ideas, your brands and your channels and help them to thrive.

We have been working closely, for instance, with the main cast of “Berlin – Tag & Nacht” and “Köln 50667” for over ten years in a wide range of fields and roles as part of a collaboration based on mutual trust.

So we know what we’re doing!

A connection starts with two people; we bring the magic!

Social Media Marketing

Whether for our clients and brands or for our faces:

our clients know their business goals and USPs. We develop and produce digital concepts and online formats whose storytelling and chosen channels align with the brand. Be it YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or a streaming service: we address the chosen target group on the right channel and in the appropriate tone. We unite influencers and brands and together create the Magic Connection needed to make a campaign a hit. 

No one knows our faces like we do. We know their personal stories, their backgrounds, their community, their personal message, their needs and their goals. 


Shared goals and values are at the centre of every successful long-term partnership.


Are you looking for the perfect match for your campaign? 

Do you want a business strategy tailored precisely to your needs and goals? 

Do you want to develop your staff? 

Do you need support in achieving your goals? 

Do you want a reliable partner?

Do you need digital storytellers who bring your brand message to the world?


Let’s connect!



Do you want an agency you can trust?

Do you want to understand your community better? 

Grow organically?

Long-term partnerships?

Lasting success in the business?

Let’s connect! Working with you, your ideas, your goals and your visions, we create a concept tailored to you personally and translate it into practice strategically. 


Magic Connection isn’t just the name of our agency but our own personal commitment to our partnerships.

PR & Communications Consulting

We place your messages in all relevant print and online media, on the radio and TV and on all important social media platforms, so that they really make an impact.

We tell your stories to millions of users, followers, viewers, readers and listeners.

We advise you, bring our large, personal network that has grown over many years into action, and place the right topics in the right media for you.

We can do traditional media work, convey and sell your messages in interviews, in specialist articles and in user stories, we organise and supervise press events and we conduct media training.

We can do online PR, we know the special needs of online media and we deliver the right content and all the necessary formats.

We accompany you and your ideas, brands, topics, campaigns and events with contemporary storytelling in pictures, speech and writing and present them in the right (public) light.

We are magic connection

Magic Connection is a full-service agency and part of the All3Media Group, one of the largest independent media companies in Germany.

Creative content & management

In 2022 we set out to serve clients in the entertainment, public and industrial sectors and help them to flourish in the fields of talent and social media management as well as PR & Communications consulting.


Vittorio Valente

Vittorio Valente

Managing Partner

Felix Wesseler

Felix Wesseler

Managing Partner

Mona Lehmann

Mona Lehmann

Director Digital & Social Media

Lisa Christeleit

Lisa Christeleit

Director PR & Communications

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Press enquiries of all kinds are answered by:

Lisa Christeleit

Director PR & Communications 

Tel.: +49 (0) 2233 4608 7032 

Email: lisa.christeleit@magic-connection.de

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